"Where Science and Technology Come to Play"

STEAMsport, Inc. believes that the new generation of students thrive in creative spaces where they can infuse music with their individually to create awesome projects. We aim to provide an environment where they can throw on a pair of headphones and create digital works of art using the latest music technology. 

The learning doesn’t stop there however. After students create their own music, they are challenged to share their project with their peers so they learn to receive constructive criticism and the value of critiquing others’ work.

STEAMsports, Inc.'s "S² Sound" program gives students the space, technology, and instruction to create innovative sounds that will change the world. 

S² sound
S² media Production

STEAMsport, Inc.'s "S² Youth Film and Media Program" focuses on helping youth from underserved communities become part of Atlanta's media industry growth, by using low/no budget filmmaking as a hands-on initiation to the diverse careers in film. The program is designed to help students learn media literacy, gain technical proficiency and practice visual storytelling technique while promoting a hands-on approach that can be immediately applied to projects.

Our goal is to develop the next generation of local filmmakers and production staff and establish a network of artists, professionals, and educators as mentors to our youth to help sharpen their artistic capabilities.