"Where Science and Technology Come to Play"

Versatile is defined as being able to adapt or be adaptable to many different functions or activities. Versatile, STEAMsport, Inc.'s Arts and Design Program, is a program for youth to explore and express their creative instincts through Visual Arts, Graphic Arts and Fashion Design.

The main focus in education for most school systems, including Atlanta City Schools, the Metro and many schools across the U.S., starts with academics followed by sports. Art is usually one of the last considerations and in many cases there is an absence of any form of artss programming. The funding designated for art programs in our schools today is decreasing  each year. Many parents have to involve their children in outside programs for art and recreational activities. To encourage our youth today to change the world through their creative expression, we established a place where their voices are seen and heard.

The Versatile Arts and Design program initiative offers various opportunities for participants to learn and celebrate their creative energy and vibrancy in a safe haven of caring mentors in their own community. Our approach to arts education brings elementary and middle school students into an oasis of imaginative learning with dedicated individuals mentoring youth in an inspired space.

Versatile’s weekend sessions are devoted to particular art forms to encourage youth to discover their own creative voice.The program makes efforts to recognize the art student’s achievements inside and outside the classroom and help strengthen community relations.

Because most students do not receive instruction in art, our purpose is to provide an arts education that crosses socio-economic boundaries, improves student retention and reduces the achievement gap. Our goal through this arts program is to nurture youth to discover their self-worth through imagination, effort, collaboration, culture and their natural ability. 

"Versatile" Youth Technology Fashion and Design Program