"Where Science and Technology Come to Play"

About STEAMsport, Inc. 

STEAMsport, Inc.’s STEAM Team project employs a comprehensive STEAM program including our Digi-Mind Codebotics program which focuses on robotics and computer coding and our S² ARTech program where students experience a "hands on" approach to technology, fashion, film and sound.  

Digi-Mind Cobotics
Our Digi-Mind Cobotics program provides instruction and competition in the fields of robotics and computer coding. Competitions included First Lego League, SeaPerch Robotics, Rocketry, Black Data Processors Association High School Coding Competition and our internal middle and elementary school coding competitions.

S² ARTech
Our S² ARTech program encompasses the arts through a technical lens. The program goal is to expose youth to the technological side of the arts, allowing them the space to create and innovate. Program activities include S² Sound, S² Media, and Fashion and Design.


STEAMsport, Inc.’s mission is to expose youth from underserved communities to STEAM concepts and activities at a young age, therefore creating a pipeline leading to secondary education and STEAM related careers.  It is through our recognition of the vast number of pipelines in the sports and entertainment in underserved communities, we created a vision of becoming the premier STEAM education and competition pipeline specifically focused on youth from underserved communities.

We also recognize that for a significant number of our youth transportation is the number one barrier to success. Therefore keeping in line with our organizational mission to provide STEAM education focused on underserved youth, our strategic direction is to go where the need lies. Thus community centers, urban schools, Boys and Girls clubs, and subsidized apartment complexes serve as our programmatic home. This gives every child the ability to participate in valuable STEAM education without the barrier of transportation.

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